Higher National Diploma (HND)

04 Disciplines

  • Business
  • Computing
  • Public Services
  • Fashion Design

Higher National Diploma (HND) is a 2-year programme for providing education and training for a range of careers in Business Administration, Software Engineering, Public Services and Fashion Design. It is recognized by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan as equivalent to 2-year Bachelors Degree. HND graduates secure admission in the third year (top-up year) of the Bachelors Degree in the United Kingdom. Our alumni are pursuing higher studies in Liverpool Hope University, the University of Hertfordshire, the University of Northumbria, London Metropolitan University, Middlesex University, and Glamorgan University in the UK. One of the HND graduates has been awarded a PhD scholarship at Liverpool Hope University.

Higher National Diploma Career Pathway-A

Higher National Diploma Career Pathway-A

Higher National Diploma Career Pathway-B

Higher National Diploma Career Pathway-B

Eligibility Criteria

FA / FSc / FCS/ DCom / A-Levels or equivalent

Course Modules

HND Business
  1. Marketing
  2. Managing Financial Resources and Decisions
  3. Organizations and Behavior
  4. Business Environment
  5. Common Law I
  6. Business Decision Making
  7. Business Strategy
  8. Research Project
  9. Marketing Intelligence
  10. Advertising and Promotion
  11. Marketing Planning
  12. Sales Planning and Operations
  13. Managing Professional Development
  14. Working with and Leading People
  15. Managing Activities to Achieve Results
  16. Managing Communications, Knowledge and Information

HND Computing
  1. Computer Platforms
  2. Systems Analysis
  3. Programming Concepts
  4. Database Design Concepts
  5. Information Systems Project
  6. Information Systems
  7. Networking Concepts
  8. Personal Skills Development
  9. Quality Systems
  10. Data Analysis and Design
  11. Management in IT
  12. End-User Support
  13. Project Management
  14. E-Business Strategy
  15. Human Computer Interface
  16. Visual Programming

Public Services
  1. Small-scale Research Projects in Public Services
  2. Organisations and Behaviour
  3. Managing Public Sector Finance
  4. Government, Decision Making and the Public Services
  5. Research Project
  6. Personal and Professional Development
  7. Psychology of Human and Criminal Behaviour
  8. Human Resources in the Public Services
  9. Managing Stress in Public Services
  10. Health and Safety Management in Public Services
  11. The Global Environment
  12. Justice and Punishment
  13. Crime Reduction and Community Safety
  14. Technology and Public Services
  15. Public Service Activity Management
  16. Project Design, Implementation and Evaluation

Fashion Design
  1. Visual Communication in Art and Design
  2. Ideas Generation and Development in Art and Design
  3. Contextual and Cultural Referencing in Art and Design
  4. Professional Practice in Art and Design
  5. Project Design, Implementation and Evaluation
  6. Critical Study in Art and Design
  7. Professional Studies in Art and Design
  8. Ideas in Context
  9. Research Project
  10. Design Principles
  11. Personal and Professional Development
  12. Managing a Creative Business
  13. Products, Marketing and Advertising Media
  14. Advertising Campaigns
  15. Art Direction for Advertising
  16. Copywriting for Advertising